Here you will find answers on most common questions asked by Candidates and HR's regarding RaiBay.

I. FAQ for Companies

Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions: [email protected]

Why use RaiBay?

To grow faster, you need talented engineers. RaiBay gives you access to great candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities and would be very hard to find otherwise.

Hiring the right people is critical to your company success.

The average developer gets an email from a recruiter every 24 hours - which creates a lot of noise and results in every email getting trashed. Because of our unique online marketplace model, we're able to get your company in front of talented engineers you otherwise wouldn't have access to. 

During our Weekly Event you'll receive a list of candidates open for new opportunities.

How does the application process work?

Sign up on RaiBay leaving your company name, e-mail and phone number. 

What type of candidates will I find on RaiBay?

Every week, you’ll get access to a new shortlist of candidates. We actively bring on both junior and senior developers looking for full-time, part time, remote or internships opportunities.

Where do you get all this candidates from?

Most of the candidates who apply on RaiBay comes from word of mouth, referral and online marketing.

How do you select the candidates?

We’ve built our own process to insure the quality of the candidates of our weekly shortlists.
We carefully review every single application.

Who can view my company’s profile?

Only the candidates you’ve request an interview can have a look at your company’s profile.

Can I request multiple interviews the same week

Of course. You can request as many interviews as you want. Indeed, most of our clients are willing to meet several candidates each week to hire better and faster.

What should I do when a candidate accepts my interview request?

Congratulations! You’ll then be able to contact directly with the candidate to go further in your formal interview process. We advise you to schedule the first interview within a couple of days.

What happens if a candidate decline my interview request?

It happens, don’t worry. The candidates are not interested in every industry verticals and all size of companies.

What type of companies are you working with?

We work with small, medium and large firms that have interesting products and technical challenges for developers.

Can I contact candidates outside of the marketplace to make an interview?


Can I contact Developers outside your platform to ask questions?

To put it bluntly, No. This goes against our core value proposition to developers: that they don't have to engage with any employers until the event is over and they've received preliminary offers. If you have a question about a developer's background, work history, experience, or intentions please use anonymous Q&A section on each candidate profile.

Do I have to sign a contract with RaiBay?

Accepting our Terms and Conditions is a contract between you and RaiBay.

How much does it cost?

Our Weekly Event is free of charge. >> pricing page

I’m concerned about privacy. Who will see my job offers?

Your company name will only be seen by the developers with job offer from you.

How can I increase the chances of my offer being accepted?

While a competitive package is essential, you also have to sell the Developers on your vision and your company. What traction have you gotten in the marketplace? Who are the founders? Who invested? Who is advising you? Where are you based? What press have you gotten? Do you have a cool office, interesting perks, and what is the culture of your company like?

Having a complete profile will maximizes the chances that your offer will spark interest among a potential recruit. Our personal assistant will help you to polish your company profile.

If I made an interview offer to the candidate, does that mean I will get the candidate?

Not necessarily, the developer will review all offers received and choose which companies they want to continue talking with based on a number of factors. You'll have the opportunity to set up an in-person interview ( or three), do reference checks and more.

Can someone outbid my offer?

While numerous factors play into what job offer is ultimately accepted, having a competitive compensation package is certainly in the Top 3.
But there’s more to a job than salary (cultural fit, product vision, alignment with the team, location of the office, etc.), and the developers on our platform will weigh all applicable factors before making a decision about which opportunities they want to pursue at the end of the “online event”. We're just helping presenting them with a spectrum of options and helping them filter through all the noise.



II. FAQ for Candidate

Please get in touch with us if you have any other questions: [email protected]

What is RaiBay?

Our goal is simple – we help you get paid what you’re worth, while helping Polish/European companies recruit IT talents in Poland.

Why should I create a profile on RaiBay?

Simply put, we help you discover what you’re worth on the open market, through an open-transparent process, where multiple employers send you job offers with salary. Whether you decide to accept an offer and switch jobs, or merely negotiate a pay raise with your existing employer, is entirely up to you.

How long does the process last?

An Online Event lasts 7 days. You’re not obliged to accept the highest offer, or any offer at all. We run an Online Event every week and will notify you if your application is accepted.  

Who will see the offers I’m getting?

To encourage competitive process, and maximize your results, pre-screened employers will be able to see last offer being made to you in the marketplace. Which offer you ultimately accept (if any) will be kept 100% confidential.

How do I know the offers I’m receiving are legitimate?

Only pre-screened employers are allowed to take part in the Event.

Am I forced to accept the highest offer?

We realize that a job is about a lot more than a salary+options package. Convenience to your home, cultural fit with the existing team, and your excitement about the company concept all matter. We put the power in your hands, and you can choose to accept any offer being made, even if it’s not the highest – or none at all.

How do you make money?

There’s absolutely no cost to you! >> Our pricing

Help, I created an account and haven't heard anything from you.

By creating an account, you're submitting an application to be considered in our next event. Online Event run every week, and we notify all approved candidates via email if they have been approved. If you have any other questions contact us.

What happens if I click “I’m interested” on an offer I receive?

If you like the company that made an offer, and the numbers are in the right ballpark, clicking “I’m interested” will trigger an email introduction to setup an initial 30-minute phone interview to learn more about the opportunity & the position and give you the chance to ask questions.

There’s no additional obligation.

How long will it take for my profile to be approved?

Once you complete the signup process you will receive a response in less than 48 hours. It typically takes us much faster.

Who can join?

We work with the best start-ups and fast growing businesses in Poland/Europe. Programmers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers, Testers and Product Managers with experience in tech companies or start-ups will generally have the greatest success.

How much experience do I need?

We're looking for engineers with experience in tech companies or funded start-ups who have worked on challenging technical problems. Graduating from great universities and contributing to open-source projects can increase your chances. We also help students find an internship / full time job if they are either in or about to start their last academic year.

In which cities can I find a job through

At the moment we're looking for people interested in working in Warsaw, Kraków and Gdańsk or prepared to work remotely in any area. If you are interested about other location please leave your contact details at [email protected]

I just want to find out my market salary. Can I sign up?

Unfortunately we cannot accept you to the platform unless you are interested in discovering new job opportunities. If you're not ready for that yet we recommend you wait and sign up when you are. That said, we will regularly publish salary data based on skills and experience (here you can subscribe for such data: [email protected]

When will companies be able to see my profile?

You can tell us when you want your profile to become visible. If you're approved by RaiBay company representative, your profile will become visible to selected companies for 2 weeks. Engineers may receive an average of 5-10 job offers in the first week following the approval.

What will happen after two weeks?

If you would like to go live again after your two weeks are over, we request that you wait a week before you resubmit your profile for review. This ensures that a fresh round of job seekers can have access to the opportunities on RaiBay. Please reach out to your Personal Assistant if you would like to go live sooner.

If anything has changed since the last time you submitted, please make the necessary changes to your profile before resubmitting your profile for review. You will hear back from the curation team within 24h (working days).

If I accept an offer, will my profile remain visible to other companies?

Yes. Your profile will be visible for 2 weeks. Accepting an offer does not mean you are committed to one company, and you can always accept requests from other companies.

If I turn down an offer and then change my mind, what can I do?

We recommend to turn down offers only when you are certain you are not interested. If you have questions about salary or your future role in the company, ask the company for more information. If you accidentally turn down an offer, please get in touch with us.

Am I committed to one company if I accept their offer?

No. Accepting an offer is just the start of the hiring process. It's simply a way to tell a company you would like to learn more about job opportunities with them. Once you accept an offer the company will invite you to meet their team for a technical interview. Accepting an offer does not mean you are committed to one company, and you can always accept requests from and interview with other companies.

Are there interviews? Are they technical?

Yes. Accepting an offer means that a company is prepared to make you an appropriate final offer if you pass their interviews. Each company has its own recruitment process, which may include general interviews, technical interviews, coding exercises, or demos of apps you built.

How long will it take to find a job?

Not long, assuming you are committed to taking your next career move fast. We had engineers who signed a new work contract within few days after being visible on .

I like a company but the salary they offer is too low. What can I do?

If the offer is close to your expectations (15-20% off) and you find the company interesting, we recommend you accept it. The offers made on the platform are not final. You will still be able to negotiate changes during your conversation. If an offer falls a long way short of your expectations, feel free to let them know and ask them to update their offer before accepting it.

My company uses RaiBay. Will they be able to see my profile?

Absolutely not. We hide your profile from your current employers. If you want your profile to be invisible to other companies, simply let us know.

Can I make my profile visible for a longer period of time?

Normally we highlight profiles for 2 weeks. This way we can be sure companies are very active and make offers. If you have special circumstances, let us know and we will assist you.

I'm still a student. When would be the best time for me to join the RaiBay?

We help students find an internship / full time job if they are either in or about to start their last academic year.

I'm looking for a short-term or freelance contract. Should I join RaiBay?

We started offering some freelance jobs but we mostly have full-time offers at the moment. But still you can join our network to get new job opportunities.

How much does RaiBay cost?

RaiBay is completely free for all job seekers.

Why didn't I receive an invite to go live on RaiBay?

If you didn't receive an invite to go live on RaiBay, unfortunately we don't have enough opportunities right now to ensure that you will have a successful experience with us. We are constantly growing our demand as we onboard new employers, and we welcome you to resubmit your profile in a few weeks' time.

How can my Personal Assistant help me?

Your Personal Assistant primary goal is to help you find a job you love. Think of your Personal Assistant as a job coach who can help you with anything from mock interviews and salary negotiation to profile polishing and resume feedback. Your Personal Assistant is also your primary touchpoint once you have received an invitation to participate on the platform. If at any point you have questions about the RaiBay process, please reach out to your Personal Assistant.

When will my profile be visible to companies on RaiBay?

A new batch of profiles becomes visible to the companies on our platform each week (usually Monday). Should you receive an invite to participate on the platform, this Monday date will be included in your invitation. You can also see this date when you log into your RaiBay account.

What should I do if I didn’t get hired?

If you didn’t get hired through our platform this time around, we invite you to go live again in a few weeks time. Our companies participate on RaiBay in conjunction with their hiring cycles. By waiting a few weeks before you go live again, we can better ensure that a fresh group of companies will be able to view your RaiBay profile.

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