RaiBay is Online Auction for Tech talents where tech companies meet IT talents in one place.

We’ve built RaiBay out of a personal frustration with the hiring process - we’ve struggled with not suitable job offers. We know that the smartest people are already employed, and that they receive numerous emails every month from recruiters that often go ignored due to the enormous amount of not suitable job offers.

We seek to shorten the hiring cycle by effectively allowing Candidates to post their profiles incognito and allow companies hire them by sending suitable job offers/proposals based on their minimum requirements. Our platform provide upfront offers from recruiters and dedicated Personal Assistant.

RaiBay is created specifically for talented Programmers, Engineers, Data Scientists, Designers, Testers, Game Developers, UX/UI and Product Managers, who are overwhelmed with job opportunities. Joining RaiBay is completely free for Candidates and Companies.

We believe that You as a candidate on the market are a “Diamond”, and we created the place where all companies will find their Diamonds in one place.


Our Mission: Every day we make sure that we create the best recruiting solution, based on the current needs of the Candidates and Recruiters we work with.
Our Vision:   We strive to create the best recruitment tool on the market, tailored to the needs of candidates and recruiters. Our goal is to match job offers and candidates in 100%, based on artificial intelligence and full automation.   

Company name and meaning: RaiBay (Rai - Your Recruitment Assistant + Bay - “in one place”) 

Candidate: Join RaiBay now, get job (full time/ part time/ remote) and Get Paid what you are worth. 
Company:  Join RaiBay now, find top employees (Diamonds) (full time/ part time/ remote) and Pay them what they are worth. 

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